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Can a mother make a lasting impact in the world? We think so. There is nothing parents won’t do for their children and Saponaria founder Teri Tan-Abing got her passion project started while trying to find a solution to her son’s skin allergies.

Holding a Branch

“I started sharing my soaps because more people are shifting to a non-toxic lifestyles when they realize that prolonged exposure to chemicals can really cause long-term damage.”

Teri, founder

Our favorites

saponaria green

You can now soap up and keep the earth green while you’re at it. Saponaria Green is the sustainable alternative to getting your all-natural soap fix while recycling old bottles and containers.

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Your good habit starts here. Each soap is only as good as the ingredients it’s made up of and we make sure we source our ingredients from reliable suppliers, and processed mindfully to retain all the wholesome benefits that come from all-natural products.

Castile Soap
Dilution Guide

Castile soap is derived from simple plant oils and is known to be both a gentle and strong cleaning agent. Even though it is an all-natural ingredient, using pure, concentrated castile soap can be too harsh for certain applications.  Here is a quick dilution guide that you can use for your castile soap.

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customer reviews

“Super mild but effective. I also use it on my baby it's that mild!”

-Tracy, Muntinlupa

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