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Castile Soap Dilution Guide

Castile soap is derived from simple plant oils and is known to be both a gentle and strong cleaning agent. Even though it is an all-natural ingredient, using pure, concentrated castile soap can be too harsh for certain applications. Here is a quick dilution guide that you can use for your castile soap.

Face. 2-3 drops applied on wet face.

Body. Small squirt on wet cloth.

Hair. 2 drops for short hair. 4-5 drops for longer hair.

Bath. 30 ml for an average sized tub. It won’t bubble much but it will clean you.

Dishwashing. 1:10 ratio of soap to water.

Laundry. 80 ml for a large load of regular clothes. Dilute more for delicates.

Mopping (wood, laminate, stone). 120 ml for 12 liters hot water

Windows. 15 ml soap in 1 liter of water.

Toilet. 1:4 ratio of soap to water. You can add essential oils for best results.

All purpose cleaning spray. 60 ml soap in 1 liter water.

Fruit/Veggie wash. 1/4 tsp soap in a regular bowl of water for rinsing.

Pets. Amount depends on size of pet.

Plant spray. 15 ml soap in 1 liter water.

Ant spray. 60 ml soap (with Tea Tree Oil) in 1 liter water. Do not use when ants are on plants, it will burn the plant.

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