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  • What is “organic” soap?
    Organic soap are soap products that are made from natural ingredients. Unlike commercial soaps which are mostly made up of synthetic chemicals, the ingredients found in organic soaps are derived from natural sources, mainly plants.
  • Is your organic soap strong enough to kill bacteria and possibly the covid virus?
    Whether natural or commercial, all soaps have the capacity to kill any virus as long as they are used properly.
  • Where are your ingredients sourced?
    We have local suppliers for all our ingredients.
  • How are your soaps processed?
    Our soaps are handmade in small batches.
  • Why do the soaps look different from each other?
    Each soap is handcrafted and there will be minor differences in each batch. These small inconsistencies make each item unique and special.
  • Why is it hard to remove grime with the All-Purpose Soap?
    Our All-Purpose Soap do not contain strong solvents common to commercial degreasers. These chemicals can cause the skin to become dry and even develop dermatitis. It may take a few washes to completely remove the grime from the items being cleaned.
  • Why does organic soap sometimes clog sinks?
    Natural soap is made of oils which can accumulate and clog drains. Simply pour hot water down the drain to remove congestion.
  • Do organic soaps have expiration dates? When do you know when it has gone bad?
    Natural soaps typically last a year and should be used before then. If it starts to smell bad or have molds, throw it away.
  • Can organic soaps cause allergies?
    Very rarely for a small number of people.
  • Is it normal for organic soaps to become sticky?
    Hard bars can get a little sticky in humid weather. Store hard bars in cool, dry place for optimal results.
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